Wifi-Owl for Cisco

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Wifi-Owl for Cisco

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Description:   Wifi-Owl(tm)'s software is a cost-effective way to audit, monitor, and report on the security of your wireless Cisco Access Points. We are contributing to the standards bodies like PCI DSS by participating on the PCI DSS Council. Wifi-Owl? addresses audit and compliance reporting specifically. All software without redundant features and is available at a fraction of the cost of higher priced products. Our reports are very clear so that Managers and Security Auditors can understand them right away. It is a great way to prove to your management and auditors the security, uptime, and availability of your WLAN. Security consultants use Wifi-Owl? to rapidly collect, audit, and report on critical security configuration settings in AP?s and validate security in the Wifi network.Wifi Owl(tm) can:- Detect Rogue Access Points;- Provide Access Event Logs;- Show encryption used in APs;- Show dates when security settings were changed;- Show dates of last changes of encryption keys;- Find APs that broadcast SSID;- Show APs with Default Admin ID;- Identify APs with default passwords;- Find APs with community string = public;- Show APs with FTP Enabled.

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